California food product dating

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California food product dating

Different states and various cities have created a complex array of rules.In New York State, there are no laws requiring date labels.Assembly Member David Chiu of San Francisco recently introduced a groundbreaking bill to standardize date labels across food products in California.

Surveys show that 91% of consumers reporting they throw away food when the date on the label arrives.In California, the state has mandated date labels for shellfish and dairy products.California had no regulations on the post-dated sale of food products. The sheer number of labels, from “sell-by” to “best before” and “use-by,” means consumers are confronted with a variety of instructions about their food products.A majority of consumers in a Food Marketing Institute study thought that food past its marked date was a “health risk.” Date labels, however, are more often manufacturers’ suggestions about when food is at its peak quality, rather than safety prescriptions.These dates generally have little, if anything, to do with the actual “expiration” of food.

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The United States is experiencing a food waste crisis.

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