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You can always go for American diamonds and red colored pottery.

So select the gifts of your choice and make grandeur of celebrations.1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper Paper gift items are not dull and boring. You can select from gift items like name a star, gift certificates, personal horoscope, or some surprise air tickets. And of course there is the romantic love letter option always there.

There isn't any formal research, but my guess lies around the idea that dating relationships only took center stage for our romantic endeavors within the past fifty years, give or take. Many couples date for years, and some specifically choose not to get married to their long term loves.

Prior to contemporary times, dating offered a means to get to know someone briefly before marriage, and rarely did couples date for extended periods of time.

As the years go by, the gifts increase in strength and worth from paper to diamond.

However, it is generally believed that increasingly durable gifts were chosen for successive years to represent the progressive strengthening of the marriage relationship.We're here for you when you're just starting out and need things to say, and we're here for you when things go south and you want to break up.Diamond jewelry is the classic gift for a 60th anniversary.You could go out and buy great seats to the latest show or treat them to a table at the latest restaurant - all are lovely but if you could find the perfect gift from this years meaning that would be the icing on the cake. The anniversary meanings come from the traditional and modern lists and you also have the flower list.The meanings on the flower list follow the meanings of the flowers, and they are beautiful.

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15 years later, the Jewelers of America expanded her list to include materials for every one of the first 20 years of marriage and every 5 years thereafter.

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