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Fairbanks dating

- Data table used in "Version Fairbanks0805" available here as a PDF. [PDF] - View the entire 'Fairbanks0107' calibration curve with the option to zoom in on areas of interest.For the buyer, it is critical to know that an instrument being sold as "all original" probably is. He told me that Waverly, for whom he had worked since his pre-teens, had provided most of the metal parts and accessories to the banjo makers.In his workshop he showed me many patterns, cutters, tools, and dies used in making the nuts for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, Paramount and all the standard nuts we associate with the large makers.

This makes it not only the oldest house in New England, but the oldest surviving wood-frame house in all of North America.Waverly also made many, varied, stretcher bands, the simple brass hoops used for tone rings on the less expensive instruments, and some of the components that went into the more sophisticated tone rings.They also made the various shoes and hooks, from the Cobra hooks used on early Fairbanks to the modern flat and round hooks.Of practical importance to a wide range of scientific disciplines is the radiocarbon calibration, which is used for converting radiocarbon ages to calendar years; essential for measuring time and rates of change for numerous scientific fields.To access our radiocarbon calibration program, click on the 'Radiocarbon Calibration Program' button above, or here.

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