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Tribe Has Conduct in Iraq Confirmed the Moral Inadequacy of International Humanitarian Law? A Multidisciplinary Inquiry into the Normative Authority of Contemporary International Law Using the Arm’s Length Standard as a Case Study, Brian D.

Ore Implications of the Precautionary Principle for Environmental Regulation in the United States: Examples from the Control of Hazardous Air Pollutants in the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, Bernard D. Carruth Information Technology and Legal Ethics: Expanding the Teaching and Understanding of Legal Ethics Through the Creation of a New Generation of Electronic Reference Materials, Roger C. Martin International Water Law: The Contributions of Western United States Water Law to the United States Water Law to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigable Uses of International Watercourses, Carolin Spiegel Is the United States Obligated to Drive on the Right? Linde and George Bunn; Introduction to the American Public Law System: Cases and Materials.

ETTLEMENT of this part of Nebraska may really be said to date from the summer of 1878 when the government located the noted Sioux Chief Spotted Tail and his tribe of some five thousand Brule Sioux, in the strip of country in Dakota territory established by treaty with the Indians ten years before.

Construction of buildings began immediately at what was known for some time as Spotted Tail Agency, later called Rosebud Agency.

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"This section fills 131 pages of the London Gazette." Admiral of the Fleet Sir David Beatty and Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig were both appointed to the Order of Merit.

As The Times noted, "The successful leadership of the victorious British Forces by land and sea is happily recognized by the award of the Order of Merit — which is limited in numbers to 24 — to Sir David Beatty and Sir Douglas Haig." The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour, and arranged by honour, with classes (Knight, Knight Grand Cross, etc.) and then divisions (Military, Civil, etc.) as appropriate.

"The lists of awards to the Army are so long that only a part of the first section can be published to-day," reported The Times on 3 June.Small freighting outfits and Jewett's bull train brought supplies for the new fort from the terminus of the railroad at Neligh. The village of Valentine did not incorporate until Jan. It was located in the old open range country and many cow outfits shipped their cattle from here.There were ten to twenty teams in the Jewett train and twelve yoke to each team, pulling heavy freight wagons with trailers. Wesley Tucker; moderator, Charles Oliver; treasurer, E. 8, 1884, when the following board of trustees was appointed by the county commissioners: Al Sparks, C. Fifty-six years later, the sandhills of Cherry County, the largest county in the state, are still widely known as a fine cattle country.Several big Texas herds were brought in along the Running Water (Niobrara) in the fall of 1878. Valentine, the county seat, with the wild reckless spirit of youth curbed long ago by Father Time, is a prosperous town of two thousand.This was done to facilitate filling cattle contracts with the government, which issued the beef to the Indians. The last garrison of Fort Niobrara, the Headquarters Band and the First and Third battalions of the Twenty-fifth infantry, under Command of Colonel Ralph W. A detachment of the Third battalion, Twenty-fifth infantry, under command of Lieutenant Robert P.

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General Crook, as commander of the Department of the Platte, made a personal examination of country indicated and recommended a point on the Niobrara river south of Spotted Tail Agency, about midway between the mouth of the Niobrara River and Camp Sheridan.